Thanksgiving break, photos, other life stuff….


I’ve survived this quarter with one more to go. Then I can face the realities of being a college graduate and a member of society/the working world/ an adult. It’s nice seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, though sometimes I think I may be fooling myself and the light is really a train or that the tracks just fall off into an abyss.

So those arrowheads from the previous post are the farthest that I’ve gotten on that project. I had waaaaaay too much stuff to do towards the end of the quarter to even think about finishing. Truly, I’m extremely burnt out. But, I have a lot of ideas for the coming quarter and I think that I may be able to get those artefacts back or some like them from the Anthropology department again ^^ I really enjoyed this project, and I think that I really can make some nice things for my portfolio!

In other news, I may have some nice hiking photos soon because my Mother and I are going to have some mother/daughter bonding time in the ‘Dacks. I’ve been wanting to make some nature/ outdoor sports paintings soon, so I think this will be a good opportunity 🙂

Anyway, since I now have time, I can work on this blog finally, like posting fine art type stuff and photos!

Here’s some black and white photos that I printed, and digital photos while taken during my travels!

Classic black and white print. Taken in Villa Castello outside of Florence, Italy.

Classic black and white photography. Vesuvio, Campania, Italia.

Classic black and white photography. Taken in a palace in Napoli, Campania, Italia.

Atlas mountains, Morocco. Digital.

Imlil, Atlas mountains, Morocco. Digital.

Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italia.

I have bunches more where these came from which I’m going to add to my photography page, but this will suffice for now 😛

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Here’s a turkey vulture.


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