It belongs in a museum! or: my trials in archaeological illustration.

One of the things that I’ve been in to recently has been archaeological illustration. Being the art, history, and art history dork that I am, right now it seems like this is a very happy medium between the three. I’m working with my archaeology prof to make some (hopefully) portfolio pieces in this particular genre of illustration. It’s also a great bridge to scientific illustration. So far, I’m really liking it, though it is really frustrating to start out. I think it really comes down to being a matter of practice and doing enough observational drawing.

Here’s something that I completed a couple weeks ago:


I named him Alistair, but everyone calls him Larry.

This guy is a 1000+ year old Mayan ceramic. He came from a private donor and was taken out of his archaeological context a long time ago, so I didn’t get any more information about him other than that, other than he was probably a victim of looting 😦 Maybe he will end up in a museum one day, but right now he’s used for research and for students like me! I got to know him very well through staring at him and trying to get a sensitive, accurate rendering. I allowed myself only enough time to work with him for about a week, so I don’t have all the views that I would like, but I did take more reference photos like this one:


We’re broskis now.

I’m currently working on a project involving arrowheads so I’m going to include some pictures here:




The arrowheads.

Also here is a picture of my desk!


Well… That’s my life right now….

I’ve been working on other courses for credit of course, so those images will be up very soon too, but it’s just what I’m working on tonight 😛


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